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The Jeweled Salad. ‪#‎DeliciousMedicine‬ Check out my website TheMedicineChef.com, to learn all about the healthy medicine in pomegranates. And, that of my fitness friend, LeighCrews.com, for the recipe.‪ #‎SkinCareFromtheInside‬ ‪#‎MediterraneanLongevitySecret‬

Going Native in AZ

I’m cooking for a wellness retreat in Arizona this week. One of the guides is a very respected Native American artifact expert. What a way to see the beautiful, and ancient local ruins! Here are two of the living artifacts we were also privileged to see.   

Homeward Bound

Heading home from cooking for the Air Force on Shemya Island. Snow, and Fall colors! Alaska is so beautiful, but I’m a San Diego girl, born and bred. #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome

Shemya Beauty

Wild flowers after the rain, on Shemya Island, Alaska. Viewing nature lowers blood pressure and elevates the ” feel good ” hormones in our brain. #NatureIsGoodMedicine #HappyFriday #GodsArt

Time to Fly

My ride is here! Boarding the G3 back to Shemya Island! Had a great time in New York. Season 2 is on air! Be back in SD October 6th.#FoodandFitnessLoversKeepMeBusy #NoTimeOffOnMyTimeOff#ChefsLife

Summer Refresher Contest Ending

OK, #BlenderWizards my #SummerRefresherContest comes to an end at midnight tonight. I’ve had so many creative entries this year! Thank you to all of my viewers and social media fans! Your questions and comments help others to achieve their health and wellness goals. Who’s going to claim the $200.00 grand prize, and the#ChefWisdom T-shirt of […]