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TAK – Season 2 in Production

Shooting another season of Tina’s Ageless Kitchen. We’re in our new studio kitchen! This is my Shiitake mushroom sauté, using bloomed Chia seeds instead of cooking oil. Just one of the many secrets from The Ageless Kitchen. Season 2 premiers this month!#DeliciousMedicine You can find the show on FoodyTV, OWN, and PBS. Check your local listings. […]

Ageless Kitchen – S2

Season 2 of Tina’s Ageless Kitchen airs in August! More#DeliciousMedicine is coming your way! Thank you, FoodyTV, for making it possible for all my global #FoodandFitnessLovers to tune in! See you there, soon. #HeresToYourHealth #MedicineChef

Life’s a Beach

Wild flowers on the black sand beach on Shemya Island, Alaska. I’m here, helping our troops learn about the power of #DeliciousMedicine. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the beauty and benefits of being in tune with nature. #BlessedLife #GodsArt #Gratitude

My Italian Mule

My Italian Mule will light your fire and quench your thirst! Vodka Infused with jalapeño, Italian lemon soda, and a squeeze of fresh lemon. #LoveFromItalyAndMexico #InfusionIsEasy #DIY#HappyFourthOfJuly Enjoy your weekend! Here’s to your Health! ♡ from The Medicine Chef ♡

Birthday Remembrance

Today would have been my dad’s 90th birthday. 3 1/2 years later: I miss him everyday. Today was the day my dad graced the planet with his presence, and I’m so glad he did. Happy Birthday Dad!#HeWasTheLifeOfTheParty #HeWasAGreatMan #JamesMartini

The Passing of The King

The legendary B. B. King has passed away. A sad day indeed. He may be gone, but the thrill lives on. I had the pleasure of cooking for Mr. King when I was a young chef coming up.#BBKING #HeLovedToEat #LongLiveTheKing #HeCalledMeChefDoll#NothingLikeCookingToHisSeranade

Mothers Day Love

Love to all women who selflessly nurture and support the beings on the greatest of mothers, #MotherEarth. Health supportive and delicous, you deserve #RadiantHealth and #FunFood. Love from#TheMedicineChef

Freezing Rain on Shimya Today

I’ll be warming everyone up with my Chia Hot Chocolate (recipe available on leighcrews.com). This was my Earthday treat and a mug full of medicine to help keep our troops healthy. Dark chocolate almond milk strengthens the heart and prevents stroke. Coconut milk whipped cream and #CoconutBaconSprinkleskeep viruses at bay while preventing Alzheimer’s disease. #ChiaSeeds provide […]

Remember Table

#GoneButNotForgotten This is our #RememberTable , here on the island. Each item on the table represents a part of the #GBNFCreed Thank you for your#Sacrifice #Courage #GodBlessYouAll