Freezing Rain on Shimya Today

I’ll be warming everyone up with my Chia Hot Chocolate (recipe available on This was my Earthday treat and a mug full of medicine to help keep our troops healthy. Dark chocolate almond milk strengthens the heart and prevents stroke. Coconut milk whipped cream and #CoconutBaconSprinkleskeep viruses at bay while preventing Alzheimer’s disease. #ChiaSeeds provide Omega -3’s and are a great source of easily digestable protein. #Vegan and#GlutenFree Whats not to love?! Here’s to your Radiant Health!


Shimya, Here I Come!

Pink steel toed boots for my new gig! Yes! They match my knife case! #GirlChef

And what a treat to be cruising on a Gulfstream 3 to Alaska for the new consulting gig! What a gorgeous jet. I feel blessed to be working with our soldiers and to help our troops be healthier! Captains Shane and Chris; Thank You!, for getting us out to the island safely! It’s remote, so I’ll be somewhat out of touch for awhile!

Here’s to your health!