Ageless Kitchen – S2

Season 2 of Tina’s Ageless Kitchen airs in August! More#DeliciousMedicine is coming your way! Thank you, FoodyTV, for making it possible for all my global #FoodandFitnessLovers to tune in! See you there, soon. #HeresToYourHealth #MedicineChef


Life’s a Beach

Wild flowers on the black sand beach on Shemya Island, Alaska. I’m here, helping our troops learn about the power of #DeliciousMedicine. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the beauty and benefits of being in tune with nature. #BlessedLife #GodsArt #Gratitude


My Italian Mule

My Italian Mule will light your fire and quench your thirst! Vodka Infused with jalapeño, Italian lemon soda, and a squeeze of fresh lemon. #LoveFromItalyAndMexico #InfusionIsEasy #DIY#HappyFourthOfJuly Enjoy your weekend!

Here’s to your Health! ♡ from The Medicine Chef ♡