28 Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction (WHDD)

Day 1February is #HeartHealth month and today begins my “28 Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction.” Stay tuned for another WHDD each day this month.

♡ Here are the 3 most damaging habits to the human heart; as told to me by Dr. Amar Kapoor. Dr. Kapoor is considered by many to be one of the top cardiologists in the world.

  1. Critical Cynicism
  2. Free Floating Hostility
  3. Overt acts of aggression

These various states of discontent and anger cause chemical changes that create long term damage to our hearts. Some research shows negative emotions to be more damaging than a LACK of proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep. #HavingFunIsGood4Us #LaughingBuildsImmunity


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