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Daily Specials

Hey, Food and Fitness Lovers, it’s Tasty Tuesday! The website is updated, and I’m able to post our specials, again. Thank you, for your patience! Smoothie of the day- Jaeger Bomb $6.75 Organic Pineapple, Pineapple juice, raw honey, Chia, Hemp protein, 4 types of Organic greens and avocado, w/ a splash of vanilla The petite […]

An Evening With The Chef

 San Diego Food and Fitness Lovers! The Ageless Kitchen is popping up in a beautiful location. Relax and enjoy five amazing courses, as you celebrate Heart Health Month. Specialty drinks offer heart health too! My smoked pomegranate prosecco is just one of the amazing culinary pleasures, offered. Get your tickets below. I look forward to […]

Rockin’ Respect

Tonight is my last dinner service, on “The Rock.” It has been my honor, to serve those who serve. #TheseAreBigBirds #DontMessWithThe611th #RockinTheFoodOnTheRock

Missing Mommy

Thor, in his new bed. All he needs now, is for mommy to get off the island he keeps hearing about! #WheresMyMommy #ThorWantsToBeMyRoadDawg #NoDogsOnTheG3 #DogsofGoogle+

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! From the end of the earth : Shemya Island, Alaska! Enjoying my bubbly. This chef is hot and tired! #NewYearsFeast#BubblesNoBooze #ItsABlizzardOutside

French Technique on the Rock

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Yep, I carved an ice bowl. Now, how do I carry it out there? Baked Sesame Challah bread.#TheStaffOfLife #SesameHealsKnees #DontFearTheBread Made baked Alaska, in Alaska. And, my yule log was Tiramisu.#ItsGoneNow #FrenchTechniqueOnTheRock#MushroomMerenguesAndSnowPeople

Peanuts and Swans

My handmade peanut brittle, and Chef Kevin, with his little apple swan. #HandsomeAndTalented #ChristmasPrep #PeanutsRock#YesItHasMedicineInIt #ResveratrolBurnsBodyFat Merry Christmas! From Tina’s Ageless Kitchen