Beans, Nuts and Seeds (WHDD)

Day 5/6Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction

Beans contain many phytonutrients that affect our heart in very positive ways. #Lignans balance our blood sugar and our hormones. This keeps inflammation down inside the arteries. Black beans are really purple. Purple foods contain #Anthocyanates. This phytonutrient strengthens the vascular system inside the heart. Beans also contain soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber sweeps bad cholesterol and spent hormones out of the body through our bowel movements. This is one of the reasons it is so important for us to have at least one good bowel movement per day. When we don’t clear our system the oxidized cholesterol and spent estrogen and testosterone re-enter the bloodstream. This is a major cause of bad breath and white-coated tongue. Not to mention heart disease and hormone based cancers.

Nuts and Seeds – Harvard University tells us via a 30 year study, nuts and seeds increase longevity across the board. Their good fats keep our arteries flexable and moist, by sealing the water we drink to our tissue. It’s not enough to just drink water. We must seal this moisture to our tissue; one of the biggest jobs nuts and seeds do for us. Grapeseed oil is the only oil known that actually cleans plaque out of the arteries. Grape seeds are also high in anti-oxidants. Every nut and seed contains a different nutritional profile. Macadamia nuts are high in #PalmiticAcid which keeps oxidative fat from building up in our bloodstream. Almonds have a very calming effect on our bodily systems. Enjoy at least two tablespoons of nuts and seeds per day. Try a new kind of bean or lentil. Let your creativity be your guide. Soups, stews, dips, purees. It’s all good and good for you! Here’s to your heart health!


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