Good food has healing power, owing to it’s content of minerals, phyto-nutrients, fiber, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. Nutritious cuisine can make you well again and keep you healthy.

Another Weapon of Heart Disease Destruction (WHDD)

Day 11Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction
Cranberry-Orange Steel Cut Oats and Chia Pudding Parfaits. If you’re interested in #DeliciousMedicine you’ll want to read all of the phyto facts I’ve covered in this recipe. #Checkit for this#Farmacy in a glass. Here’s to your Health!


Beans, Nuts and Seeds (WHDD)

Day 5/6Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction

Beans contain many phytonutrients that affect our heart in very positive ways. #Lignans balance our blood sugar and our hormones. This keeps inflammation down inside the arteries. Black beans are really purple. Purple foods contain #Anthocyanates. This phytonutrient strengthens the vascular system Read more

Love From Serrento (WHDD)

Day 4Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction

Here I am cooking pasta with Chef Dino in Serrento, Italy. The Mediterranean lifestyle is definitely a WHDD. Everything is seasonal and fresh. Read more

Warm Spinach Salad with Coconut Bacon Vinaigrette (WHDD)

Day 3Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction

#TastyTuesday brings us to the third of my Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction. Here’s my vegan version of the classic, steakhouse favorite: Wilted Spinach Salad. Click here for the recipe. Read more

Pomegranate Vinaigrette (WHDD)

February marks the end of pomegranate season. Use the fresh fruit in both sweet and savory recipes. The juice makes a great vinaigrette for your favorite salad. Here’s one I use often.

Read more

28 Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction (WHDD)

Day 1February is #HeartHealth month and today begins my “28 Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction.” Stay tuned for another WHDD each day this month.

♡ Here are the 3 most damaging habits to the human heart; as told to me by Dr. Amar Kapoor. Dr. Kapoor is considered by many to be one of the top cardiologists in the world.

  1. Critical Cynicism
  2. Free Floating Hostility
  3. Overt acts of aggression

These various states of discontent and anger cause chemical changes that create long term damage to our hearts. Some research shows negative emotions to be more damaging than a LACK of proper nutrition, exercise, and sleep. #HavingFunIsGood4Us #LaughingBuildsImmunity


Hello Food and Fitness Lovers!

In my 35 years in the fitness industry, and 28 years as the Medicine Chef, I have found that when people understand the power food has to heal them, it becomes much easier to make better choices. I have included my phytonutrient chart for your viewing pleasure. Just click the image, below.  Read more


Day 31Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Well, this is it! The final day October and the last of our “Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction” The most important weapon of all: JOY! Read more

WBCD – Pumpkin 3 Way

Day 30Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Hey, it’s #TastyTuesday for the third day this week and the next to last installment of our WBCD series. The focus is on pumpkin around this time of year. CheckitwithLeigh has my Pumpkin Seed Clouds recipe. And then there are my Pumpkin Spice Martinis to round out our mini-theme, Pumpkin 3 Ways in 3 Days. Decorate your holiday desserts, or fill a candy dish, as pictured. It’s time to have some holiday fun in my #AgelessKitchen.  #Pumpkin3waysn3days.


WBCD – Cauliflower

Day 29Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Today I’ve decided to feature yet another great article from Dr. Mercola. Everything I wanted 2 share with you is right here.

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