WBCD – Gluten Free

Day 21Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

It’s #TastyTuesday Food and Fitness Lovers! Gluten-free is part of my 31 days of Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction. The image on this post is my Herbed Foccacia. Find the recipe, along with the phytonutrient info @ CheckitwithLeigh. LeighCrews.com is your go-to website for everything food and fitness. #Day21


WBCD – Radishes

Day 20Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Hey Food and Fitness Lovers! I’m going to do Days 19 & 20 together. Radishes are a member of the cruciferous family. As I wrote about them on day 1, this family of veggies is loaded with cancer fighting phytonutrients. Read more

WBCD – Have an Avacado

Day 18Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Hi Food and Fitness Lovers! You’re probably wondering what water and avocado have to do with Day 18 of my “Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction.” Read more

WBCD – Melatonin & Zzzzzzzz!

Day 17Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

SLEEP, glorious sleep! We know sleep is actually a very busy time for our bodies. It is the time when many healing processes take place. Read more

WBCD – Vegan + Tempeh Salad

Day 16Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

A vegan diet is a great way to prevent cancer and it is definitely the easiest way to eradicate disease. Vegan’s don’t eat anything that comes from a living being. This includes honey. Read more

WBCD – Pom-Pom-Pomegranate

Day 15Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

The mighty Pomegranate! #EllagicAcid is the weapon of choice for today. Raspberries, and Strawberries are very high in this phyto-cancer- killer, also. Currently, researchers are trying to create a strawberry with 10x the natural amount of Ellagic Acid. A scientist from UCSD said in a radio interview; “If everyone ate 37 strawberries per day, no one would ever get cancer.” Read more

WBCD – Use It Or Lose It

Day 13Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Well Food and Fitness Lovers, we’re almost half way through our WBCD. On lucky day 13 let’s exercise! Read more

WBCD – Super Soy

Day 12Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Oprah has Super Soul Sunday, Chef Tina has Super Soy Sunday ; ) Soy is definitely the most controversial of all of our “Weapons”. There is so much conflicting information out there; it’s very easy to become confused. Let’s make sense of it. Read more

WBCD – Cancer A-ssassin

Day 11Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Hey Food and Fitness lovers. Here it is, Day 11, already! Our bodies use Beta-Carotene and other Carotenoids, to make vitamin A. Vitamin A is a cancer assassin. Read more

WBCD – The Mighty Mushroom

Day 10Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Mushroom have MUCH phyto nutrition. With the ability to speed up our bodies production of cancer fighting enzymes and all the essential amino acids, we are very lucky this fungus is among us. Read more