WBCD – Epigallocatechin (Say What?)

Day 9Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Epigallocatechin #EGCG, found in green tea, stops cancerous cells from forming. #Catechins like EGCG help the body produce cancer fighting enzymes. Read more

WBCD – A Day For Serenity

Day 8Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Good morning food ‘n fitness lovers ♡ Did u think I forgot day 8 of my “Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction? ” Serenity, being peaceful w/ oneself, and w/ others.This is day 8’s message, and it’s more powerful than you might think. Read more

WBCD – Black Bean Hummus

Day 7Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Here’s another addition to our growing arsenal of “Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction”-Black Bean Hummus.#Yummus Checkit!withLeigh has the recipe, n the phyte facts. Read more

WBCD – Wise Words From A Colleague

Day 6Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction
Below is an article from Dr. Joseph Mercola. This is cutting-edge info in my opinion. I agree with what he has to say about how cancer is created, and treated.

Read more

WBCD – What Makes Your Hormones Race?

Day 5Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Hi food and fitness lovers! How was your day? Well, before I say good night, here’s our ta ta tip for the day ; ) Read more

WBCD – Salmon and Lamb

Day 4Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Salmon and lamb are the only meats I allow for consumption in my #CrushCancer protocol; and, even then, only occasionally. Read more

WBCD – Nuts, Seeds and Beans

Day 3Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

For day three of the “Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction” I’m highlighting Flaxseed, Pistachio, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Pecans, and Black Beans. Read more

WBCD – Lemons and Limonene

Day 2Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

The lemon is one of nature’s secrets to longevity, low breast cancer occurrence and overall wellness. #AmalfiLemons #Limonene stops tumors from setting up their own blood supply. Read more

WBCD – Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Day 2Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I’m posting about one of the most powerful weapons against breast cancer that we know of. Read more