Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! From the end of the earth : Shemya Island, Alaska! Enjoying my bubbly. This chef is hot and tired! #NewYearsFeast#BubblesNoBooze #ItsABlizzardOutside

French Technique on the Rock

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Yep, I carved an ice bowl. Now, how do I carry it out there? Baked Sesame Challah bread.#TheStaffOfLife #SesameHealsKnees #DontFearTheBread Made baked Alaska, in Alaska. And, my yule log was Tiramisu.#ItsGoneNow #FrenchTechniqueOnTheRock#MushroomMerenguesAndSnowPeople


Peanuts and Swans

My handmade peanut brittle, and Chef Kevin, with his little apple swan. #HandsomeAndTalented #ChristmasPrep #PeanutsRock#YesItHasMedicineInIt #ResveratrolBurnsBodyFat Merry Christmas! From Tina’s Ageless Kitchen   Read more

Cajun Kisses

Cajun Kisses, and Merry Christmas! From Tina’s Ageless Kitchen.
Let’s make some authentic Gumbo!   Read more

No Waiting At The Smith Rack

100 mph winds on Shemya Island, Alaska. Ice blowing! WOW! Looks like a warm bed won out, over the cold gym! I’m here now. Let’s get it started in here!!! #StrongerThanPhaseOne#NoWaitingAtTheSmithRack #GettinItDone

Going Native in AZ

I’m cooking for a wellness retreat in Arizona this week. One of the guides is a very respected Native American artifact expert. What a way to see the beautiful, and ancient local ruins! Here are two of the living artifacts we were also privileged to see.    Read more