Homeward Bound

Heading home from cooking for the Air Force on Shemya Island. Snow, and Fall colors! Alaska is so beautiful, but I’m a San Diego girl, born and bred. #TheresNoPlaceLikeHome


Shemya Beauty

Wild flowers after the rain, on Shemya Island, Alaska. Viewing nature lowers blood pressure and elevates the ” feel good ” hormones in our brain. #NatureIsGoodMedicine #HappyFriday #GodsArt


Life’s a Beach

Wild flowers on the black sand beach on Shemya Island, Alaska. I’m here, helping our troops learn about the power of #DeliciousMedicine. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the beauty and benefits of being in tune with nature. #BlessedLife #GodsArt #Gratitude


Birthday Remembrance

Today would have been my dad’s 90th birthday. 3 1/2 years later: I miss him everyday. Today was the day my dad graced the planet with his presence, and I’m so glad he did. Happy Birthday Dad!#HeWasTheLifeOfTheParty #HeWasAGreatMan #JamesMartini

The Passing of The King

The legendary B. B. King has passed away. A sad day indeed. He may be gone, but the thrill lives on. I had the pleasure of cooking for Mr. King when I was a young chef coming up.#BBKING #HeLovedToEat #LongLiveTheKing #HeCalledMeChefDoll#NothingLikeCookingToHisSeranade

Mothers Day Love

Love to all women who selflessly nurture and support the beings on the greatest of mothers, #MotherEarth. Health supportive and delicous, you deserve #RadiantHealth and #FunFood. Love from#TheMedicineChef