Gluten-Free Venison Taco

My Saturday Soiree includes this Venison soft taco on a gluten-free tortilla. Charred over open flame : the flavor and texture are better Read more

Cajun Kisses

Cajun Kisses, and Merry Christmas! From Tina’s Ageless Kitchen.
Let’s make some authentic Gumbo!   Read more


The Jeweled Salad. ‪#‎DeliciousMedicine‬ Check out my website, to learn all about the healthy medicine in pomegranates. And, that of my fitness friend,, for the recipe.‪ #‎SkinCareFromtheInside‬ ‪#‎MediterraneanLongevitySecret‬


Beautiful Beginnings

The beginning of a beautiful marinara. This will become an amazing lasagna. How many phytonutrients can you identify? #Lefond#ThisLasagnaKillsCancer #PreventsSkinCancer #DeliciousMedicine


My Italian Mule

My Italian Mule will light your fire and quench your thirst! Vodka Infused with jalapeño, Italian lemon soda, and a squeeze of fresh lemon. #LoveFromItalyAndMexico #InfusionIsEasy #DIY#HappyFourthOfJuly Enjoy your weekend!

Here’s to your Health! ♡ from The Medicine Chef ♡


Freezing Rain on Shimya Today

I’ll be warming everyone up with my Chia Hot Chocolate (recipe available on This was my Earthday treat and a mug full of medicine to help keep our troops healthy. Dark chocolate almond milk strengthens the heart and prevents stroke. Coconut milk whipped cream and #CoconutBaconSprinkleskeep viruses at bay while preventing Alzheimer’s disease. #ChiaSeeds provide Omega -3’s and are a great source of easily digestable protein. #Vegan and#GlutenFree Whats not to love?! Here’s to your Radiant Health!


Bone Broth

Hey Food and Fitness Lovers! Here is #TastyTuesday and it’s #AncientMedicine.#BoneBroth heals sports related injuries and digestive disease like#LeakeyGutSyndrome. All the #PhytoFacts and recipe are at #CheckItwithLeigh for a wide variety of my favorite recipes and phytonutrition. So much#DeliciousMedicine whether you’re #GlutenFree, #Paleo, #Vegan, or just interested in great #FoodAndFitness Here’s to your Health!


National Chili Day

Let’s celebrate with something a little different. My White Chili w/ Cannelini beans. Get the recipe here and enjoy a taste of perfectly balanced Omega-3’s. Now that’s some #DeliciousMedicine

Citrus and Seafood Cerviche (WHDD)

Day 26Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction

We’re coming to the final #WeaponsOfHeartDiseaseDestruction Surprise! It’s a double dose of #DeliciousMedicine this week at Octopus, Shrimp, Scallops, and Cod, drenched in a four citrus seafood marinade. Get the recipe here. Citrus fruits are a #Farmacy of#AntiAging phytonutrients. #Astahxanthin clears garbage from our bloodstream. Pink grapefruit contains #Lycopene and #Limonene. If you don’t care for cilantro, use parsley. Both are loaded with#Apigenin Harvard School of Medicine tells us this could be the cure for Ovarian cancer. As always, “The two fit ladies” Leigh and I, wish you much Health and Happiness.


Honey Dijon Fish Wraps (WHDD)

Good morning! It’s #TastyTuesday and it’s a#WeaponOfHeartDiseaseDestruction. Honey Dijon Fish Wraps. You saw the pics of the green leaf lettuce growing in my garden box. Lot’s of #DeliciousMedicine. You know where to go this recipe and for all my recipes and phyto facts; #CheckItwithLeigh. While you’re there, be sure to check out all of the great fitness tips and workout tricks. Leigh and I want you to live your life as Happy and Healthy as you can be. Here’s to your Health!