GF Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies (WHDD)

Day 28Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction

Food and Fitness Lovers! Here is the last#WeaponOfHeartDiseaseDestruction, as February comes to a close. I’m prepping for my #AntiAgingBrunch tomorrow. Here’s one of the desserts. This #HappyAccident, is one of my newest creations. GF Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies. The recipe is a little unstable, so far. Once I work out the quirks (I just couldn’t use the word, bugs), I’ll post it for your all to enjoy, here on my It’s Martini Time blog.

#GlutenFree eating is so much more than preventing digestive distress. It’s really about minimizing our intake of #PhytoEstrogen, like wheat, especially in men. This lifestyle also reduces inflammation overall, whether you’re gluten intolerant or not. Every disease we know of can be linked to two factors; mineral defficiancy and inflammation. These cookies take care of both of those. Dark, dairy-free, chocolate chips add another level of protection. Anti-stroke and anti-aging, dark chocolate helps our body burn body fat, too. Coconut palm sugar retains it’s mineral composition, even after baking. So, you can see why these are a perfect center piece for my#AntiAging dessert table tomorrow. #DeliciousMedicine keeps us young ♡


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