Going Native in AZ

I’m cooking for a wellness retreat in Arizona this week. One of the guides is a very respected Native American artifact expert. What a way to see the beautiful, and ancient local ruins! Here are two of the living artifacts we were also privileged to see.   
The Halloween Horned Toad is a very rare find; he’s no bigger than a quarter! In meditation, he is “being the rock ” right now. In twenty-two years of combing the desert, my guide had never seen a #DevilsClaw in bloom. This plant was, to the Apache Indians, what Chia Seeds were to the Aztec people. The “claw” pod was broken open and the seeds were consumed for strength, before a long journey. Medicine to relieve menstral pain was compounded from the claw, also. Today, it is used to relieve arthritis symptoms and inflammation. #DeliciousMedicine #MedicineChefMeetsMedicineMan


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