Heart Pizza (WHDD)

Day 15Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine weekend. This is a sneak peak at #TastyTuesday. Gluten-Free Pizza made with gluten-free beer! Taking a break from wheat is a good idea even if you’re not gluten intolerant. This recipe is also a Weapon of Heart Disease Destruction. We have a very good understanding of the impact unchecked inflammation has on our health. Allowing C- reactive protein to float around in our blood only sets us up for disease later. A gluten-free diet is all about calming inflammation. When your intestines are calm and well hydrated, you absorb the nutrients from food and drink much more efficiently. This recipe is fast, easy, and versatile; leighcrews.com will have this and all the phyto facts for you on #TastyTuesday. Make several crusts and freeze them. That way, when you want pizza, your GF crust gets topped and baked straight out of the freezer! GF dinner in 20 minutes! Now that’s a Weapon of Heart Disease Destruction too! No stress!


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