Hello Food and Fitness Lovers!

In my 35 years in the fitness industry, and 28 years as the Medicine Chef, I have found that when people understand the power food has to heal them, it becomes much easier to make better choices. I have included my phytonutrient chart for your viewing pleasure. Just click the image, below. 


I hope this information inspires you to eat a wide variety of foods. All real food is Delicious Medicine. I developed this particular chart in 1995. Obviously, this information is not new, although the media presents it as new. And, speaking of “not new”, this saying is over 5000 years old and one of my favs. It is a quote from one of the first physicians on record.

“The intelligent person, remembering the pain of diseases, should take food which is suitable to him and according to proper quantity and timing.” – Charaka Samhita 

If we all did this, we would all be much better off.

Here’s to your Health!


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