Gluten-Free Venison Taco

My Saturday Soiree includes this Venison soft taco on a gluten-free tortilla. Charred over open flame : the flavor and texture are better Read more

GF Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies (WHDD)

Day 28Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction

Food and Fitness Lovers! Here is the last#WeaponOfHeartDiseaseDestruction, as February comes to a close. I’m prepping for my #AntiAgingBrunch tomorrow. Here’s one of the desserts. Read more

Heart Pizza (WHDD)

Day 15Weapons of Heart Disease Destruction

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine weekend. This is a sneak peak at #TastyTuesday. Gluten-Free Pizza made with gluten-free beer! Taking a break from wheat is a good idea even if you’re not gluten intolerant. This recipe is also a Weapon of Heart Disease Destruction. Read more

WBCD – Gluten Free

Day 21Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

It’s #TastyTuesday Food and Fitness Lovers! Gluten-free is part of my 31 days of Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction. The image on this post is my Herbed Foccacia. Find the recipe, along with the phytonutrient info @ CheckitwithLeigh. is your go-to website for everything food and fitness. #Day21