Thank You and a Call to Action

HI Food and Fitness Lovers! Just wanted to say thank you for all of the emails regarding my show. I have received comments from all over the globe. Amazing to think I’m in someone’s living room in Italy, Japan ,Turkey and Afghanistan, just to name a few of the countries writing in. Special thanks to for making Tina’s Ageless Kitchen available to the entire planet! Now, onto some other business.

Those of you who know me, and are familiar with my work, know that my primary focus is eradicating cancer.  After 28 years, and 506 documented cases, and quite possibly thousands of undocumented cases, that have been healed with food, and my three step protocol; it’s time to make a documentary. I have a new client that has come forward with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She has agreed to allow me to video tape her entire journey with me. This is so generous and unselfish; and promises to be very enlightening for all who watch. I would like to document one other case. If you, or anyone you know would like to explore the path of naturopathic healing, please contact me via Facebook, or Google+. Please know going into this that there are stipulations. I will not charge for my time. You must be willing and able to buy the required organic groceries and stick to my protocol for ninety days, without deviation. This is for your safety and mine. BTW-My “Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction (WOBCD)” can be seen in full on my Google+ feed.

I am perplexed as to why people still have a difficult time believing that food is medicine. Chemo and radiation are experimental. Food as medicine is ancient and proven, time and time again. Please use your common sense. If we give an infant a bottle with soda in it and feed a toddler nothing but fast food, are these children going to develop properly? Food is what grows us from conception. It is what heals us when we are sick. I hope you will choose to give your body the gift today of clean food, vigorous movement, positive thought, and a deep long restful night of sleep.

I’m here if you need me. Health and Happiness to you, from the bottom of my heart. 


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  1. Bonnie Phelps
    Bonnie Phelps says:

    Do you have a cookbook out yet?
    Love your stuff. I have always wanted to cook this way, for healing as well as nourishment. My grandmother was from the hills of Kentucky and she taught me so much. But I am hungry to learn so much more!
    Best of luck to you nd your show. (PBS/ KET in Ky)


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