WBCD – A Medley of Cancer Destruction

Day 28Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

#TastyTuesday Pan roasted Shiitake and pumpkin bread pudding. Great as a side or as a vegetarian entree. Vegans can use unsweetened almond milk, Earth Balance vegan butter and NRG Egg replacer. This is perfect as a fine dining entree. The gluten-free bread pudding is a treat for those who would normally not able to enjoy this holiday favorite. There are such good GF breads ready to go now. This recipe combines several of our #Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction.” Eating a wide variety of ingredients is probably the most important WBCD. Add this recipe to your arsenal. Recipe and phyto facts at leighcrews.com. You’ll be amazed at just how much the Shiitake does to keep us healthy.


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