WBCD – Cancer A-ssassin

Day 11Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Hey Food and Fitness lovers. Here it is, Day 11, already! Our bodies use Beta-Carotene and other Carotenoids, to make vitamin A. Vitamin A is a cancer assassin. Carrot juice is a main component of my anti-cancer protocol. Give your carrot juice and your immune system a extra boost by adding fresh ginger. Ginger balances hormones, protects receptors, strengthens digestion, and cleans the intestines for maximum nutrient absorption. If we flood the bloodstream with powerful phytonutrients, super-charged antioxidants, we suppress the progression of disease long enough for the immune system to wake up, see the cancer and attack with full force. Plus carrots are the best “skincare from the inside out.” Ginger helps keep our legs beautiful. It prevents spider and varicose veins. We want to look good, too, right?


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