WBCD – Capsaicin

Day 27Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

We’re getting close to the end of our WBCD arsenal. Here is another controversial and often misunderstood weapon. I think just about everyone is now familiar with the phytonutrient most prevalent in chili peppers, Capsaicin. There are a wide variety of chilies available in the grocery stores now. Each chili variety has varying degrees of this heat-creating chemical. Capsaicin has a chemoprotective benefit on breast cancer cells. It causes a response in cancer cells called Apoptosis: basically the cancer cells self-destruct. Another benefit is the antiproliferation effect. The cell growth is slowed markedly. The spread of cells is often completely arrested. Chilies are also very high in vitamin C. There is no doubt that when applied correctly, vitamin C is as effective as chemotherapy, without the side effects. Dr.Linus Pauling shared this information with the world, 70 years ago.The variety of colors in chilies also tells us of the presence of Carotenoids. Our body uses those to make vitamin A; one of our most fierce WBCD.
There is a down side to the application of Capsaicin in treating breast cancer. Capsaicin in high doses has carcinogenic properties and creates inflammatory responses in some parts of the human body. You’ll notice a pattern with some phytonutrients; they’re better in small doses. You may recall this same rule with Omega-6 fatty acid: too much causes tumors to grow. Capsaicin is associated with a type of toxic poisoning that can greatly contribute to several types of cancer. This is seen most often in cultures where chilies are part of every meal. Some individuals are born with a natural immunity to this toxin. For the most part, chilies are “Delicious Medicine, ” just in small doses. After all, you’re probably already hot enough ; )


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