WBCD – Dark Chocolate & Almonds

Day 26Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Dark Chocolate and Almonds, together here in delicious dark chocolate almond milk. Everyday, it seems a new benefit of eating dark chocolate emerges. Life is worth living after all! I know most of us have the taste for creamy milk chocolate. The real medicine is in the dark variety. Flavonoids are related to youthful hormone processes. They block oxidative damage to our DNA. This prevents cancer at the deepest level. Dark chocolate relieves the symptoms of PMS. It lowers blood pressure, particularly related to metabolic syndrome. Keeping the hormones balanced contributes greatly to our ability to burn fat and resist the build-up of belly fat.
Almonds are both a WBCD and an amazing beauty secret. Almonds contain a great mineral profile, as well as a number of phytonutrients. Naringenin for example, is another way for us to stay lean as we age. Grapefruit is high in Naringenin also, and is a legendary fat burning food. All of this keeps our bodies youthful by maintaining a strong immune response. Almonds also stop aromatase activity in the breast. This is the unwanted process of estrogen turning against us, becoming malignant. All nuts are related to longevity. The Almond is a superstar in overall anti-aging (Day 3 featured nuts.) Quercitin, another phytonutrient in almonds, reduces stress related trauma keeping inflammation in check. Lastly, Melatonin (Day 17-Sleep) is directly connected to a persons decreased risk of developing breast cancer. Almonds are a great source of melatonin, the deep sleep drug. And on that note, I think I’ll darken my cave and go make some! A dark chocolate almond milk smoothie is on the menu in the morning!


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