WBCD – Have an Avacado

Day 18Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Hi Food and Fitness Lovers! You’re probably wondering what water and avocado have to do with Day 18 of my “Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction.” Water is the ultimate cleanser. Our bodies, just like our planet, are approximately 70% water. For every day that we don’t consume enough water, we gradually dehydrate our bodily systems. This does damage in many different ways. For instance, dehydration is the number one cause of a heart attack; not cholesterol. In order for tissue to stay pink, and healthy, it has to be properly hydrated. Water helps clear our bloodstream of excess hormones. It’s a main key in managing our weight. All of these things work together to maintain healthy hormone production. Why do I have a large bottle and a small bottle? The ratio of plastic to water. Plastic contains PCB’s. These chemicals never leave our bodies, or our environment. They send confusing messages to the endocrine system, just like pesticides. The small bottles have more PCB’s just by the volume of water to plastic. And now for the wonderful avocado. As we age, the walls of our vascular system weaken, and become thin. Water “leaks” out of the thinning veins. Good fat like that in avocados, help to seal the water we drink to our tissue. As I say in my show, “if you don’t want to age, stay moist, and supple.” Combining water and good fats do that for us. Most women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are past their 55th birthday. Slowing the aging clock with phytonutrients offers protection from all disease. Lastly, avocados are high in Absisic Acid. This phytonutrient wakes the immune system up, and kicks it into high gear. When I worked at the Livingston Cancer Clinic, we would laughingly say, “I’ll have a little lunch with my avocado, please.”


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