Day 31Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Well, this is it! The final day October and the last of our “Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction” The most important weapon of all: JOY! All disease begins with DIS-EASE. Putting things in their proper prospective is an important part of managing ones emotional health. There’s an old Russian proverb that says, “The mind is capable of holding a conversation with the body which results in death. ” In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the term for breast cancer is Ru Yan, or breast stone. The constant over-thinking, worrying, and ruminations of what dreadful thing could happen, actually cause frenetic-pattern change in our bodies. This is science, not crazy imaginations run a-muck. What we think is what we draw to us. Having joy in ones life IS cancer prevention at it’s finest. When I consult with a potential client, the first thing I determine is whether they BELIEVE they will die from the disease they’ve been diagnosed with. This is the #1 factor in my decision to take their case, or not. Now more than ever, we need to fortify ourselves with faith and positive thoughts. I AM, I CAN, I WILL. That’s all the world needs to know, you are able to do all things in life through Christ who strengthens you. Fear not, live in gratitude, stay in the present, and enjoy every gift that comes your way. A dear friend was diagnosed with cancer and she was gone in six short weeks. I learned a lot from her in those last weeks…I hope you will too.

Here is one last look at our 31 days of Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction.

  • 1-Broccoli
  • 2-Sicillian Lemons, Limonene
  • 3-Nuts, Seeds, and Beans
  • 4-Lamb and Salmon
  • 5-Alcohol Facts
  • 6-Dr. Mercola on Prevention, Treatment & Recovery
  • 7-Black Bean Hummus
  • 8-Serenity
  • 9-Tea
  • 10-Mushrooms
  • 11-Carrots and Ginger
  • 12-Soy
  • 13-Exercise
  • 14-Cream of Broccoli Soup
  • 15-Ellagic Acid
  • 16-Vegan Diet
  • 17-Sleep
  • 18-Water
  • 19-Radishes Isothiocyanates
  • 20-Chlorophyll
  • 21-Gluten-Free Eating Herbed Foccacia
  • 22-Parabens
  • 23-Fresh Tumeric Tea
  • 24-Fresh Ginger Tea
  • 25-Pumpkin Absisic Acid
  • 26-Chocolate and Almonds
  • 27-Cruciferous Veggies
  • 28-Pumpkin 3waysn3days
  • 29-Dr. Mercola on Benefits of Cauliflower
  • 30-Shiitake/Pumpkin GF Bread Pudding
  • 31-Putting Joy in your life, every day!

Here’s a picture of my neighbor and her 3 gifts from God. They we’re having so much fun in my driveway, I just had to include them.

Thank you for reading my posts, and watching my show, Tina’s Ageless Kitchen on the FoodyTV Network and select PBS stations. Please check your local listings. I can’t get the message out without you! Here’s to your health!


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