WBCD – Lemons and Limonene

Day 2Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

The lemon is one of nature’s secrets to longevity, low breast cancer occurrence and overall wellness. #AmalfiLemons #Limonene stops tumors from setting up their own blood supply. If a tumor can’t get fresh blood, it can’t grow. #Limonene is concentrated mostly in the pith ( white part.) When you peel and eat a whole piece of citrus, you eat more of the pith automatically. This is a very good immune system booster. In Italy, they shave these giant lemons(pictured,) paper thin, sun dry them, and serve them in salads. As a dessert, the whole lemon is ground up in a blender w/ heavy cream, and served over cake, and/or berries. The fat in the olive oil (salad dressing,) and the heavy cream (dessert,) helps our bodies utilize the phytonutrients more efficiently. #CrushCancer #DeliciousMedicine


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