WBCD – Melatonin & Zzzzzzzz!

Day 17Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

SLEEP, glorious sleep! We know sleep is actually a very busy time for our bodies. It is the time when many healing processes take place. It’s the mind’s opportunity to rest and restore synaptic response; the speed at which we can process information. To sleep deeply, our brain needs to excrete melatonin. The brain will only produce melatonin in a very dark room. Because we often stay up too late, have computers and/or other types of electronics in our bedrooms, our rooms often aren’t dark enough. The research currently shows a big connection between breast cancer and low levels of melatonin. Women who work the night shift can be twice as susceptible to developing breast cancer than woman who work 8-5. So, how do we maximize our melatonin production? First, set your bedroom up so it can be turned into a cave at bedtime. Cover all glowing light. The goal really is to achieve a cave like darkness. Stop all electronic use 2 hours before bedtime. Sip calming tea with a little honey. This is also a great time to meditate, or practice centered prayer. It is important to take steps to prevent dis-ease in our lifestyle, from turning into disease in our bodies. Pictured- two of my favorite boys taking a nap together on National Napping Day. Yes! There is such a day.  #SleepIsGoodMedicine


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