WBCD – Pom-Pom-Pomegranate

Day 15Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

The mighty Pomegranate! #EllagicAcid is the weapon of choice for today. Raspberries, and Strawberries are very high in this phyto-cancer- killer, also. Currently, researchers are trying to create a strawberry with 10x the natural amount of Ellagic Acid. A scientist from UCSD said in a radio interview; “If everyone ate 37 strawberries per day, no one would ever get cancer.” That’s a pretty strong statement, as I’m sure we’d all agree. The point is, science is very hopeful about the cancer fighting benefit of this particular phytonutrient. It’s pomegranate season until the end of February. Strawberries, and Raspberries come with a particular concern, they are high- water content, therefore, they are not pesticide resistant. The pomegranate has a hard outer shell, giving them protection from pesticides. Berries are out of season now, so it’s best to go with the pomegranates until late Spring. Please go to leighcrews.com for the easiest way to remove the fruit from the shell. See the Jeweled Salad recipe. Make the recipe too. It’s beautiful…and deadly.#WeaponsofBreastCancerDestruction

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