WBCD – Radishes

Day 20Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Hey Food and Fitness Lovers! I’m going to do Days 19 & 20 together. Radishes are a member of the cruciferous family. As I wrote about them on day 1, this family of veggies is loaded with cancer fighting phytonutrients. With so many delicious cruciferous vegetables to choose from like bok choy, cauliflower, and all of the different cabbages, it’s easy to get a serving on your plate everyday. The #1 phytonutrient in radishes is called isothiocyanates. These cancer killers help the body produce more cancer fighting enzymes. Another weapon in radishes is Indole-3-Carbinols. These act like Pac-Man in the blood and eat the free-radicals from the cell walls. No cell damage, no disease, and very slow aging. Gotta love that!♡ Now that we’re speaking of slowing the aging clock: see the parsley under the radish flowers? That represents two powerful weapons. Chlorophyll and Apiginin. Chlorophyll looks very similar to human hemoglobin. There are 3 ways Chlorophyll keeps us healthy. Renewal-if you have undergone radiation treatments, dark leafy greens help counteract the inherent damage done by this type of treatment. Helping the body to make vitamin K, A, and E, is also another benefit of eating dark greens. Vitamin K is considered one of the best ways to prevent breast cancer. Purification-cleansing from the inside out. Clean up acne, bad breath, and body oder. Chlorophyll removes heavy metals, drugs, and other carcinogenic toxins from our intestines. It stops fungi, harmful bacteria, yeast, and tooth decay. Anti-inflammatory-every disease can be connected to inflammation. Chlorophyll has been shown in studies to work more effectively than steroids like Cortisol, and without the disruptive side effects. So just like mama said, eat your green veggies. They do so much more than add color to our plate! Kale salad, anyone?


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