WBCD – Salmon and Lamb

Day 4Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Salmon and lamb are the only meats I allow for consumption in my #CrushCancer protocol; and, even then, only occasionally. Vegan is the way to eradicate disease quick! Only 1 meal per week should include meat when in treatment. Lamb is very high in minerals, and is minimally processed. Wild caught salmon is 27 percent Omega-3’s. The Dimethylaminorthine in the salmon, slows tissue damage. I broil the salmon with fresh garlic, and cayenne pepper. After it’s cooked, drizzle w/ good quality olive oil. Cook it rare. Vitamin A, as seen in the yellow/orange in the peaches, gives us a big dose of#CancerCrushing #AbsisicAcid. Go to Checkit!withLeigh for my peach glazed Salmon recipe. Here’s to your health!


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