WBCD – Tumeric & Ginger

Day 24Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Day 23 & 24 | Hello Food and Fitness Lovers! On Day 6 I shared an article by Dr. Mercola. He shared many thought provoking ideas. One of the main ideas presented is the taking of Curcumin. On day 9, I wrote about about the EGCG in green tea. Today, we’re going to combine the power of both. Pictured: freshly made Tumeric Tea, and Ginger Tea. The “larvae looking” things in the back of the plate are fresh Tumeric. Curcumin is the most active phytonutrient in Tumeric. It is a breast cancer killer. The orange colored tea is Tumeric tea, made from the fresh root. I peeled the Tumeric so you can see the bright color. Be careful and wear gloves when working with Tumeric. This stuff really stains. As with all disease, inflammation is a precursor, a main contributer that sets us up for illness. Tumeric is a very powerful weapon against degenerative diseases, like arthritis and Alzheimer’s, because of the anti-inflammatory properties. The name says it all; Tumors, ICK! Curcumin stops tumor growth.

We’re all familiar with Ginger root. The most common use for Ginger is calming nausea, and an upset stomach. Ginger is a very powerful hormone balancer. It also clears the colon of toxic build-up. It strengthens the digestive tract, which maximizes our bodies ability to uptake and utilize nutrients.

Lets Make Tea

The ceramic dish the Tumeric is sitting on is a Ginger grater. Use the edge of a teaspoon to remove the thin skin. If you look closely, you can see the similarities between the Tumeric and the Ginger. They’re from the same family of healing roots. Once it’s peeled, rub the nub across the little bumps on the dish. You can use a regular grater as well. Boil two cups of water, turn the heat off and add the grated root. Cover and steep 5 minutes. Make a blend of Tumeric and Ginger, but be forewarned, you may turn into a SUPERHERO. Here’s to your super-health!


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