WBCD – Use It Or Lose It

Day 13Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Well Food and Fitness Lovers, we’re almost half way through our WBCD. On lucky day 13 let’s exercise! I feel very blessed to love exercise naturally. Excercise and recreational movement in general, are gifts we give ourselves. With regard to cancer, it is shown to reduce all types and has a particularly positive effect on hormone driven cancers. The numbers currently look like this:  Exercise reduces our risk of developing breast cancer by approximately 40%. Some studies have shown a risk reduction as great as 50%, especially in men. Exercise is the catalyst that starts many healthy chemical changes in our bodies. Yoga is shown to substantially improve survival in advanced stages of dis-ease. Yes, DIS-EASE. The state of unrest, turmoil; be it mind, or body. Exercise is a positive escape from stress. There are so many fun, free workouts online. Pictured are some of my favorite tools of mental health and disease destruction. My Spin bike, foam rollers for strength and self massage. The fit ball, pink balance disk, and my Kettle Bells. I could train you with just this equipment (Yep! I’ve been a strength coach for 33 years!) and get you in the best shape of your life. It really doesn’t take that much. Give yourself a gift tomorrow. Heck! Do it today! Go out and move what your mama gave you!


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