WBCD – Vegan + Tempeh Salad

Day 16Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

A vegan diet is a great way to prevent cancer and it is definitely the easiest way to eradicate disease. Vegan’s don’t eat anything that comes from a living being. This includes honey. We associate pesticides with produce but the animals we consume are exposed to many different types of herbicide, pesticide, as well as added hormones and antibiotics. All of these additives have been shown to greatly increase our chance of developing cancer. Pesticides mimic estrogen in the body. This sends false signals to the endocrine system, causing a flood of malignant estrogen to race through the receptors. This is how a tumor starts. Antibiotics that we don’t need cause damage to friendly bacteria. This causes cronic imbalances in our immune system. When our immune system is over taxed, the hormones are allowed to over-produce. This again, causes damage to our hormone receptors. A vegan diet is much higher in fiber than a carnivore’s diet, again, generally speaking. Fiber acts like a sponge, “soaking up” excess hormones, like estrogen, in the bloodstream. When we clear our bowels, the potentially harmful hormones are excreted with the waste. If we don’t have at least one BM per day, the body reabsorbs the excess hormones. We need to avoid this whenever possible. Remember, the intestines and colon run on three things; fiber, water, and movement. Please drink plenty of water, especially when eating a high fiber meal. Pictured is my Tempeh Salad in an organic, whole grain pita and on gluten-free crackers. Don’t want to do too many carbs? Try this salad stuffed into chilis, mild or hot. Find the recipe at leighcrews.com. Try going vegan just 2 days per week. It will enhance your health in a number of ways!


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