WBCD – What Makes Your Hormones Race?

Day 5Weapons of Breast Cancer Destruction

Hi food and fitness lovers! How was your day? Well, before I say good night, here’s our ta ta tip for the day ; ) Alcohol, although very fun at times, makes our hormones race. Good for the libido, not good for the receptors. The reason we feel so frisky when we get tipsy is that for every ounce of alcohol we consume, testosterone and estrogen increase by approximately 300%. Our physical response could best be described as a “fornicate or fight response”. This unnatural flooding of our receptors causes damage. The damaged DNA can be misread by our body and a tumor is allowed to form. Now those of you who have seen my shows, live or taped, know we start or end with a cocktail. The bottom line is moderation, except when in treatment. Then, I ask my clients to abstain. As I say in my show, “80% of the time I eat right and excercise. 20% of the time I drink wine and eat ice cream and no one knows the difference.”


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